EmploymentAdvantage Services for Job Seekers

Job boards.  Applicant tracking systems.  Video Interviews.  Online assessments.  The modern job search is confusing, frustrating, and ultimately unsuccessful for many.  Our EmploymentAdvantage team includes trained employment strategy instructors who will super-charge your resume and help you land that dream job!

Whether you're looking to improve your resume, navigate the world of online job postings, prepare for an important interview, or find a career coach to assist you in finding your next job, we can definitely help!  Our EmploymentAdvantage tools for job seekers are designed to optimize your resume and career portfolio for maximum success in the modern job hunt.

Our team has more than two decades of experience in the recruiting industry and includes trained career instructors.  Our work with some of the world's biggest employers provides us with a unique perspective on how job seekers should prepare for - and succeed in - today's job market.

In days gone by, you could simply call or visit a potential employer to get your resume in front the right person.  Today, almost all large organizations (and many smaller ones) now use applicant tracking software as their primary screening tool, meaning that your resume is often filtered/rejected based on key word matching before it even gets to a human being!  HireFX offers three distinct EmploymentAdvantage resume packages designed to propel your job search forward.  We also provide one-on-one coaching and training for job seekers looking for more involved solutions.