Powerful, proven solutions for all of your hiring needs.

With more than two decades of experience providing effective recruitment tools and services to some of the world's largest companies, HireFX teams with your organization to deliver superior front-line recruitment solutions.

Focusing on the recruitment process, HireFX exploits the power of the internet and Interactive Voice Response technology to deliver a unique tool to your in-house recruiters.

Your profits are being hurt by high recruitment costs, unacceptable employee turnover rates and under performing new hires. At HireFX we decrease the direct and indirect costs associated with hiring and retention, and in turn raise your profit margin.

HireFX offers a suite of proven tools for all portions of the "recruitment funnel".  Our understanding of effective promotion through job boards, social media networks, internal referrals and non-traditional applicant sources drives the best candidates to your openings right out of the gate.  Powerful online applications ensure that applicants meet your basic job requirements while advanced assessments determine if they have the skills and competencies to perform the job.

Our clients operate more effectively because we help them hire and retain high quality candidates before their competitors can. The most effective organizations are continually able to:

  • Decrease Hiring Time
  • Screen More Effectively
  • Reduce Employee Turnover

HireFX delivers results in all three of these areas.  HireFX has developed hiring solutions that cut the high costs of recruiting through the use of screening and assessment technologies which are guaranteed to deliver unparalleled results.